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Vision & Mission

ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Jember Board of 2020/2021


Making ALSA LC UJ a Productive, Dynamic, and Highly Competitive Organization by Prioritizing Intellectuality Based on Mutual Cooperation.


1. Optimizing the duties and functions of each field collectively;
2. Increase the activities of the ALSA LC UJ in academic and non-academic areas effectively and sustainably;
3. Increase the participation and potential of members to support the achievements of the ALSA LC UJ;
4. Implementing the Socially Responsible core value by conducting legal scientific-based studies.

ALSA is a non-political, non-profit association that welcomes cultural diversity, advances the professionalism and hard-working ethic in which represent the evident characteristic of Asians.

ALSA has become and is continually improving as a premier association that provides the venue for bright law students to connect and develop as future leaders and major players of Asia.

Founded in 1989, ALSA Indonesia is a full founding member of ALSA and divided into 14 Local Chapters of Universities in Indonesia and continues to grow and set examples on how law students should be prepared to fit in the global area.

ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Jember or known as ALSA LC UJ is a part of ALSA National Chapter Indonesia.

ALSA LC UJ is one of the 14 Local Chapters of ALSA Indonesia located at the Faculty of Law, Universitas Jember. ALSA LC UJ's goals are to support the members to establish traits mirrored in ALSA's pillars, which are internationally minded, socially responsible, academically committed, and legally skilled.

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our history


Chairman of the Senate Faculty of Law University of Jember, Faruk Ansari and Chairman of the Student Representative Board, Fendi Setiawan, received an invitation from ALSA National Chapter Indonesia to attend the National Conference held at Brawijaya University, Malang. As the result, they assumed that the Faculty of Law University of Jember considered to be part of the ALSA Indonesia due to the absence of student organization that aligned with the Vision and Mission of ALSA Indonesia as described in National Conference


The Faculty of Law, University of Jember was invited back as Observer to the National Conference held at Hasanuddin University, Makassar. For one year, the Faculty of Law, University of Jember, achieves the status of Observer.



Ultimately, after going through all the stages and requirements to become a member of the committee at ALSA Indonesia, the Faculty of Law University of Jember officially joined the ALSA National Chapter Indonesia on March 23rd, 2000 that passed at the National Conference held by Padjadjaran University, Bandung represented by the Director of ALSA Local Chapter University of Jember, Ahmad Maliki and the Vice Director of the ALSA LC University of Jember, Heri Wahyudiono.